Kelvin Cruikshank

New Zealand Medium

Born and raised in the Waikato, I exhibited mediumship abilities from an early age.

I could hear and feel spirits around me, but had no idea what it all meant; I mostly chose to ignore the extra company. I knew I was different from other children because I saw people that the other kids couldn’t see. Although I didn’t understand who these people were, I did know that I was never alone.

14 years ago I took time out from my busy career as a chef/restaurant consultant and stopped to listen to what I was hearing. It was then that I realised the messages I was receiving were not intended for me but for others. This acceptance of my gift has changed my life completely. From that moment, I have dedicated my life to working fulltime as a medium passing on messages from those who have passed over.

I started reading people

In a one on one setting and progressed to reading in small spiritual centers throughout New Zealand.

I had a chance meeting with Colin Fry in the UK and was a special guest medium on Colin’s tv series The Sixth Sense.

From there I was invited to work on a New Zealand reality television series Sensing murder and made 17 episodes helping families through incredibly hard times.

With the success of Sensing murder I have been able to get the message out about spirit and how the afterlife works to thousands of people world wide in my live show called SOUL FOOD.

A Live Show

Has to be one of the hardest things a medium can do.

During a live performance you will experience first hand what and how your spirit family makes contact with a medium. Not only do these connections bring closure, it reunites the bond for each other and gives clarity and understanding. This is an eye opener as I not only connect to spirit but also inspire you with positive messages about your current day to day life, your past and of course proof from the heavens.

If you choose to experience SOUL FOOD then come with an open heart and an open mind, for you never know if it will be you that receives a reading on the night.